Thursday, 25 September 2008

Quick Update

Ok so I'm caving in to popular demand and updating my blog!

Where did we get up to? The B&B I believe...? Which was, by the way, absolutely rubbish. The man was a bit weird, the breakfast was huge (but otherwise good I guess), it stank of stale smoke, and they were way paranoid. We had to pay when we got there (could have told us...we had no money) and so had to pay a deposit, the internet was locked and we spent ages finding the was generally ruuuubish. Ah well, I had internet! lol

At the moment I'm in a university building using their internet, been here the past 3 days running!!

I've not been up to much, spent a lot of time being miserable and homesick and generally being wound up by the people I live with! Pretty much calmed down now, it was helped by Housemate L admitting she thought a lot of the things I did! We also sorted the kitchen, which weirdly was the main thing bugging me! I'm not OCD...honest...

So far I've done very little productive, not even put up my shelves on my bookcase yet!! (Yes mother I'll do it soon!). But what I HAVE done is sign up to lots of random societies, I fully intend on having no free time :P

I've joined...

Fencing (well, technically I didn't sign up, I just turn up for training, they know I'm coming)
Film Society
Amnesty International
Student Volunteering
Some random society that does ghost tours
Japanese Society (I'm now learning two languages this year)
Blood donor group
Looking out for First Aid courses

Yeah ok looking at the list I'm going to diiiie! But I'll be able to kill you all first, then revive you, talk to you in two different languages, then kill you again before I do :P

So far I've only gone to the Ki-Aikido which is WEIRD but lots of fun and really interesting. I'd never be able to explain it, so I would recommend looking it up if you want to know about it!! 

Going to Ki-Aikido again on Friday and doing Judo on Tuesday (I think??).

Apparently we're going out tonight which should be fun, I haven't done any Fresher's Week-ing yet! It's disgraceful lol

I don't remember anything else I've done, so I'm sorry if I missed anything out!

Talk soon, internet in 7 working days - woooo! :D

Miss you all

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Going to Uni

The next day I got up to mind my brother while my parents went out and got Dad's new car. Since my car is with me at uni that would have left them with a bit of a problem!

When they got back I stalled going packing for as long as possible!

I went and got dressed.

I insisted on a picture with my brother and sister.

I got something to eat.

I did lots and lots! But eventually I did have to go and pack. Ugggh.

There wasn't much left to do, just pick out a couple of weeks worth of clothes, sort my stuff some more to make sure I only had what I needed and then labelled all the stuff that was left. Like I had a "Ask Dad" pile, a "Going to Uni Next time" pile, a "Not going to Uni" pile etc. For mum to deal with later, have fun with that :P

After some more stalling once I was done, I packed up my laptop and started loading the car. Well, dad loaded the car, me and my sister dragged it all downstairs!!

Stalled some more...then it was time for hugs and kisses and setting off :(

Me and mum drove over to grandma's (half way point!) for food and drinks and hello's, then after a while we had to set back off again.

OOH! Part way to grandma's I took over the driving :D I only drove for 15 minutes, but I did major traffic jams on a big hill, a little bit of motorway AND driving with my GPS :D I was so proud of me!! (Be proud, you know you want to!).

We got to my uni, everyone helped bring stuff inside, then me and mum got 'ranging.

We then get a phonecall off the B&B man asking if we were coming, so we went and checked in, then went over to the supermarket to buy food and a blanket and stuff.

We dropped all the food off and put it away, before us all going off to dinner as mum's treat.

Turned out we should have booked a table!! We waited about an hour and a half before our food arrived. And that hour and a half wasn't just sat at a table, that includes the AAAGES we sat waiting FOR a table!!

It was good, cheap food though and everyone seemed to have a good time :)

Me and mum then came over to the B&B and collapsed in bed to SLEEEEEP! Very long day, though much longer for mum who had to drive all this way.


Soon we're off away from the B&B (and from internet - 10 working days til we get it, nooo!). Going to Argos for bookshelves and then supermarket for a microwave!! Mum's train is at 2pm, and then I'm back to unpacking, sorting and generally being a bit sad :(

Miss everyone already but I'll see you all soon! Try not to have too much fun in your various places without me!!

Ooh and Alix, text me how you'd like your money for the Ball and I'll get mum to send it over. An address would also be good lol I don't want to miss out, Charli-ella want's her ball!!! :P


Quick Catch-Up

Let's see, where did I get up to?

Right, after the night out I was pretty exhausted but the next day I had another driving lesson, this time driving to Big Shopping Centre an hour away. I was told that she would direct me there, however I had to direct me back again. AAAARRRRGGGGHHH! I absolutely panicked about that ALL morning, to the point where I was almost sick and when it came time for me to go I burst into tears and was completely hysterical at mum!!

I eventually left and met up with the Driving Lady. We went through all the checks on the car you had to do (and found out I had no oil, dad fixed that for me yesterday morning - Thank You Dad!), what to do if I broke down on the motorway (apparently it's more complicated than "Pull over and ring the AA!"). Then we set off. Still scary, but less so at night, and she let me drive at 60 if I wanted to drive at 60, whereas the man the day before tried to get me to stay at 70.

We eventually got there, went for a drink and a walk around, then it was my turn to navigate. I'd already plotted a route, and she showed me it on the map, then we put the page up where I could see it and I had to set off. And I managed it! I got all the way back :D

There were only two near-mishaps which she took pity on me and wouldn't let me make. One was being in the wrong lane on a big roundabout (3 lane roundabout with traffic lights, we don't have them at home!!). I was in the lane nearest to the actual roundabout, and then was like " to I get over there to turn off?!" so we just went around again!!

Another time I was told by my directions (thank you multi-map!) to take the second exit on the roundabout. Ok, services exit one...there's exit two. Apparently the services don't count as an exit?! We couldn't figure out why, but since it was an understandable mistake she told me I wanted the next exit.

We got back to the supermarket, paid up, and she was gone! Best £40 I ever spent of my parents money!!!

I refused to motorway back home again though, I was sick of them and I wanted my nice scenery and country roads with CORNERS lol


Friday, 19 September 2008

I'm Off

I'm going in a minute *sob* See you all soon, I'll update my blog when I next have internet


"I'm gonna dance the night awaaay"

Well I finally found things to do, people were nice enough to talk to me and I sorted some more of my stuff for uni.

Just before 7 I went over to the next village to meet up with a driving instuctor so I could go out on a motorway and learn how to do it properly.

It was TERRIFYING! It was dark and scary and I DIDN'T LIKE IT! I went on 4 different motorways I think and I was out for about an hour and a half. I got back home and nearly fell over when I stepped out of the car! My back which had been hurting anyway had absolutey DIED, my arms, shoulders, my knees, my neck, my EVERYTHING ached!

I just went in and collapsed on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and refusing to go anywhere!

This was a bit of a problem though since I was already late to meeting my friends and going out though!!

I eventually dragged myself up the stairs and got changed and was ready to out. Protesting that I didn't want to the whole time!

I drove me and my friend to another friend's house. Two of them were already DRUUUUNK and the other was only around for a while. Boo hoo! She was going out driving at 8 the next morning for lots of driving practice before her test on Monday.

GOOD LUCK! You'll do fine and text me straight away to tell me about it!

After talking a lot, watching "Vanessa" and Alix drink some more and generally making a lot of noise, we drove over into town.

We started at the Place of Amazingly Cheap Shots, then went to Where Mini Sam Works (but wasn't working that night!) and THEEEN moved over to Cheesey Music Night!!

It was fabulous night, I didn't get to do much dancing because I was daft enough to go out in KILLER heels and I couldn't stand up for long without dying!! Ah well, watching Alix and "Vanessa" be drunk and loud was hilarious :D

Vanessa isn't her real name though! We were at some chicken take-out place at the end of the night when she was being contrary and difficult at some drunk man stupid enough to try and talk to her! She refused to give her name (My name'"), how old she was ("How old do you think I am?") etc etc. I was dying of embarressment in the corner, I'm sure I would have found it hilarious while drunk, but sober I was mortified!!

I got to bed around 2.30 am. No wonder I've been exhaustd all day today!!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Just one of them days!

Mum came in and woke me up at 7.30 and told me she was going back to bed for a bit since Little Bro woke her up some time before 6 and she was tiiiired! I had no problem with this.

I got up, got him some breakfast, let him watch TV while he ate (he's not meant to but I was too tired to argue!), checked my emails while he was eating, got him dressed, read his reading book, did his spellings, got my own breakfast, got myself dressed, read a book...And still had loads of time to spare!! Me and mum are still trying to figure out what I missed since most mornings we're rushing!

We drove up to school since I wasn't entirely sure what time school started or how long it would take me to walk there. I say walk, but there's no walking involved since Little Bro goes off at top speed on his scooter!!

I came back and generally mooped around tidying up bits here and there, wrote a big long email to my friend and made some lunch, til mum got up at about 10.30 demanding to know why I hadn't woken her up already - "The social workers are coming!!!"

I (hopefully) convinced her it was ok, there was barely any tidying to do and the social worker wasn't due for another 4 hours. BREATHE! I didn't want to wake her up, she was tired and she needs to be awake for social worker-ing!!

I then went off to the next village to drop ANOTHER 4 big bags off at the charity shop and then my car off at the garage to have it's wingmirror fixed. No I didn't break it, I had nothing to do with it!!

I then sat outside in the GLORIOUS sunshine (we have BLUE SKY! I took a picture of it to commemorate this momentous event!) drinking a can of coke and eating some chocolate. After half an hour or so I wandered back over to the garage to see how my baby was doing.

The wing-mirror was only half on, but the fix-it man was busy sorting some other people out. He then went back to my car, drove it out onto the road for me, I paid up and I was off.

Or so I thought.

I got into my car and immediately stalled it. I keep forgetting they leave it in gear!! Shamefacedly I tried to start it up again.


So I tried again.

Still nothing.

I held the accelerator down while I turned the key.

Nope, still nothing.

The fix-it man came running out to help.

"Alright love? Try locking it and unlocking it again, the immobilisers probably on".

Nope still wouldn't start.

"Ok then, jump out of the car let me try."

The little monster wasn't having ANY of it.

"Just one of them days, eh! Let me just go put these papers away then I'll come back and have a look under the bonnet"

While he was off I rang mum to explain what was going on, she rather impatiently told me I'd have to go back to the garage, not realising I WAS at the garage!! When I explained she just laughed and said she'd see me when I got back then. The man returned and lifted up the bonnet.

"Alright, can you try turning the key again for me?"

Started with no trouble at all.

He looked just as stumped as I was!! He shrugged at me, shut the bonnet up and sent me on my way with a rather bemused smile!!

I got back, regailed my parents with my adventures in Other Village, decided my car was just sulking about being stalled, then got sent to make drinks for everyone as the social worker arrived.

So now I'm sat up in my room doing...absolutely nothing.

Someone care to entertain me?

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Poor Little Bro!

Little Bro really is looking worse for wear at the moment, he's covered in cuts and bruises and grazes! So far in the past two days...

- Mum caught the side of his nose with her nail while she tried to stop him messing about at the same time as him turning around.
- Chasing after a friend after school yesterday he "Superman"ed up the pavement grazing his elbow
- On the way back from school today he fell off his scooter and skidded up the pavement so now his knees and legs are covered in grazes and he's hobbling along everywhere. "I've an owie leg so I won't be able to go to school tomorrow!"

And to make it all worse his Girlfriend got sent home from school today because she's poorly! He was telling me all about it ...

Bro - "My Girlfriend got cold at school and had to go home, I kept wondering where she was but she'd gone home"
Me - "Did you give her a hug to make her feel better?"
Bro - "Yeah I did. I tried to make her feel warm but she didn't, my hands were warm so I tried to warm her up but it didn't work."

He was quite distressed that he couldn't warm her up, I don't think he understands the idea of being poorly and feeling hot and cold and needing to go home for Calpol!!

Feel better soon Little Bro's Girlfriend!!

(Though apparently she's not his girlfriend anymore, but he won't tell her because she'll kill him! He doesn't have ANY girlfriends because we keep singing that "STUPID SONG" i.e. "Little Bro and Girlfriend sitting in a tree K . I . S . S . I . N. G ." etc!)

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

"I believe in angels, something good in everything I see"

We were in the car today listening to the soundtrack to Mamma Mia when the song "I have a dream" came on. Little Bro listened for a minute then asked ...
Bro - "What does it mean 'I believe in angels'?"
Me - "Well do you know what angels are?"
Bro - "Yeah, they're like fairies"
Me - "Well believe means that you think they are real, if you don't believe then you don't think they're real"
Bro - "If you say you don't believe in fairies then a fairy dies, but I like fairies and I don't want them to do die so I believe in fairies...and angels!"

He's a little sweetheart, as well as worrying about the welfare of fairies and angels, he's decided that when he grows up he wants to save the world! A few days later he then decided that he also wanted to save the princesses, but he wouldn't marry them as well because that wouldn't be fair to the boys who didn't get to rescue them!

He's proof chivalry isn't dead and he'll make a fabulous Jungle Fury Power Ranger one day :) Even if he does only want to be a Jungle Fury ranger because Theo [blue ranger] is "Sooo cute!!". I think he's spent way too much time with his teenage sisters!!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Starting as I mean to go on (ie wafflingly!)

Today started at 7.30am when mum dragged me out of bed. At least today I wasn't woken by kittens or by someone being at the door! The past 2 days in a row there's been someone at the door, so I'd leap out of bed after the second knock, assuming no-one else was in, only for mum to answer the door! Gutting!

I was pretty tired so I just slumped on the sofa for a while, making mum worry that I was sad about something and wouldn't be able to "bounce" sufficiently for my interview. But I was fine, just tired! I was cheerier once I woke up a bit more. Breakfast was interesting as Little Bro (we think) had messed with the settings in the fridge and everything in there was frozen, including the margarine and the milk!!

We took Little Bro to school then came home to wait for a wonderful, wonderful man who cleaned our oven. I hadn't realised how dirty it was until I saw how beautiful and shiny it is now! It seems a shame to cook in it!

I had the much awaited and fairly dreaded interview (read about it here, which HOPEFULLY went quite well? I think I did the best I could do, and the lady seemed positive, so now we just have to wait 3 weeks to see if my best was good enough to get me another interview. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Once my interview was done we went over to the next village to take a load of stuff to the tip (which we had to sort out while we were there, should have got Dad to sort it as he tidied!), then 5 big bags to the charity shop (that's quite good for us, normally it's 7 or 8 bags!). After that we went over to the bank the FINALLY sort my account out and make it a Student Account. They were lovely and helpful, it's gret how nice everyone is in villages :)

Then mum treated me to a bacon butty and some chocolate, made me feel muuuuuch better. I was actually shaking when I went downstairs after my interview, so bacon and chocolate was JUUUUST what I needed! Though not at the same time, YUUUCK!

For the rest of the day I just sort of lazed around and checked up on how everyone elses interviews went, before deciding I wanted a blog. I then spent the rest of the afternoon and a large part of the evening playing at blogging!! Mum kept laughing at me but it was quite good fun! Had lots of trouble with getting pictures to fit, but I like how it all is now :)

We had a Chippy Tea tonight, we go to that chippy waaaay too often but it's a good chippy! Under it's older management I'd just have to ring up to order and get as far as "Hello..." before they started on "Ahh! It's our best customer! An order for the [our house]?". They were lovely but I found it quite embarressing! Now it's got new people working there but they've started to recognise me too, they were quite surprised the other day when I went in and asked for a Steak and Onion Pie instead of a Mixed Shish Kebab for Dad. "No mix shish today?!" Aah it's quite shameful I think! Either we need to go there less or Mum and Dad need to do the driving more often!!

Oooh that's what else I did, I heard back from a driving instructor that I'd rung. I wanted to know if I could have a lesson on motorways before going back to Uni on Saturday. WOW IT'S SOUNDS TERRIFYING! She's taking me to the shopping centre about an hour away, so I can practice longer driving, motorways, going on and off them etc. She'll direct me there, then I direct myself back (with written directions). Apparently if I miss a turn and get lost that's "GREAT!", she won't tell me I've missed it until I leave the county, then we'll stop and look at a map. I'm SCARED!! This sounds awful!! SAVE MEEEE! I don't do maps! I don't do directions! I'm HOPELESS! That's why Dad just bought me a GPS!! EEK!

That's all for now I think...

Starting Blogging

I started my "journey to Disney" blog and was told that I should keep it up to date with my day-to-day things. So rather than distract from the important bits on that blog (ie the Disney bits!) I thought I'd start a general blog.

Whether or not I keep it updated is another matter entirely of course, I've always been terrible at these sorts of things!!

I'll try though :)