Thursday, 20 November 2008

Latest Update

Should I start with my car? It seems to have taken over my blog anyway!!

Well for some reason or another the boot seems to have got moudly again, so I spent some time cleaning it AGAIN today, then drove it to the petrol station and vacuumed it out. Only got rid of some of the mould, the bits down the sides of the seat that I couldn't reach, so my car is still a bit muddy, but mud is better than mould!!

I then came back and guess what I did!

Go on guess!!

Nah you'll never guess...



I can see the floor!!!! It's amazing! I haven't seen the floor since I moved it!! I also wiped down all the sides, yes, me! Cleaning!! I have yet to vacuum it though, I ran out of time.

Because then I went to fencing, still going there too!! Woah, it's all a bit crazy lol

I'm actually doing quite well at fencing at the moment, for me that is! Not sure if that's a weird version of "beginners luck" or if I'm just fencing newbies...or if I've just randomly got good :P

Somehow during the session I found myself agreeing to fence on the women's team next Wednesday! Not entirely sure how I managed to do that, I hate team fencing and I've never wanted to be on the women's team! Ah well, apparently it's a really easy team to beat, the foil doesn't matter much anyway and they didn't have anyone else. They appealed to my good nature!

So yeah! Apparently I'm now on the women's team for my university! That should be fun...!

I also learnt that one of the fencers is also coached by my old coach (it's a small world!) and she was saying to him over the summer that she'd been fencing with me. Once he figured out who she meant apparently he said "Oh yeah, her! She only went fencing for the boys!" LOL! I'm amused and mildly offended :P Only because in the end it was totally true, but I did not START fencing for boys, not my fault I met That Boy at fencing!!!

That's about all my news I think. I had an exam, it went horrendously, I'm planning on cleaning up the house tomorrow in between my other jobs, I have fencing again on Saturday, I've found myself agreeing to a friendly competition the Saturday's all good at the moment :)

Apart from my car being back to smelling bad lol

Thursday, 13 November 2008

I'm starting to think my car should have it's own blog..

...rather than it keep hijacking mine! When was the last time I wrote about myself?? lol

Last Saturday I finally cleaned my car (at high-speed) and drove the hospital for my friend who's torn a ligament in her ankle, get better sooooon!!

So I was very pleased to have my car back and driveable :) There were still a couple of problems with it, like it smells baaad, and the time on the clock is totally wrong! But me and my housemate agree, after all it's been through, if it wants it to be 5am when it's really 7.30pm, then it can BE 5am! We're not going to argue!

Anyway, all was well with the world (well, with my car!), we drove around with the windows open, the smell was slowly fading...It was good!

I need to vaccuum it out, fill up the oil bit and fill up the washer bit with water, but that's all beside the point.

Then yesterday happened (it was all getting a bit too good to be true!).

I went to fencing, then afterwards decided "you know what, I will go to the pub afterwards with everyone!" (no, I didn't drink and drive lol). I had no idea where this pub was, so 3 other fencers came with me for a lift and to direct me.

Unfortunately the 2 that were directing me only ever walked and didn't factor in the one-way system. So they got me a bit stuck and I had to turn around.

On one side of me there was a little mini car-park, with a slope going up to it. So I went to go forwards onto there rather than attempt a 3-point turn.

The slope going up into the car-park was considerably steeper than I thought and my car BUMPED on the way up it...and back down it.

I was so shocked by this and so worried about the front of my car...that I completely forgot about the wall behind me!

I sat in the car for a minute just going "OOOOOH NO!" (yes, obviously those swear-free words were exactly what I was saying!), there was a stunned silence, then one of my passengers offered to go and have a look if I wanted to pull forwards.

"No! I want to leave it here and go have a look myself!!" I had visions of the entire back end being crumpled...all the expensive fencing kit stuck in the boot...having to scrap my whole car because the repairs were too much...! I didn't hit it at any kind of speed but that's not the point :P

I got out of the car and went and had a look. I couldn't really tell how it was, I was still against the wall after all! So I took a moment to stop shaking so much and pulled it forwards. My passenger looked at it with me, popped the bumper back in and tried to assure me that they were all just "dings". I was pretty hysterical for the rest of the night, but another friend said he'd come over and have a look at it the next day for me.

He came over about an hour ago, and apparently I just bent the body work a tiny bit, it doesn't matter that I can get my fingers around one side of the boot as you can't open the boot like that, and all my lights work except possibly the reverse light, but I have one reverse light so that's also fine! I was a bit concerned that there was a tiny split in the bumper, but that's what bumpers are for, it's not a problem and I'm very silly for getting so worked up about it!

I then rang mum, who I was quite worried would be mad at me, but she told me that I'm a grown up now, it's my car, so long as I'm fine, my car is fine, then it's ok, accidents happen! Though I am under orders to drive somewhere, ANYWHERE tomorrow, otherwise I'll never drive again because it'll become SUCH a big deal for me. She knows me well :P

But all is fine! My baby is still fine, just a little scuffed is all!

He's a good car, keeps fighting on through, I'm very proud :)

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Diagnosis from Dr Daddy

Well Dad and Sister came back with me to Uni today, Sister because she hadn't seen my house yet, and Dad to fix my car.

My car now has a new battery, anti-rust stuff on it, filler and mesh stuff (that cut dad's finger, *hugs* for daddy) to fill up the holes in it!! Soooo hopefully no more water will get in (not from there anyway!) and it will now start!

So all I have to do is make sure that like once a week I take my car for a proper drive, not just constantly 5 minutes to lectures or the shops! Clean it out, dry it out by finding a way to get sunshine to it, oh dear :P Take it to the petrol station and use their vaccuum cleaners to get the mould under the seats that I can't reach, and we should be sorted!

Hopefully my car will now last the winter!

Thank you Daddy :)

And well done brum-car, I knew you could make it :P

During the time Dad was here, he also :
- Put iTunes on my laptop so I can have playlists on my mp3 player
- Updated my TomTom
- Sorted my download programme which wasn't working
- Tried to fix my disk drive
- Advised me on the leftovers from my flatpack shelves (I didnt know what was needed for some obscure reason and what could be thrown away!)
- Cleaned my laptop screen

Thank you Dad :) Love you!

Also, miss Mum and Bro already, see you both soon :)