Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Some days are just not worth getting out of bed!

So last night I didn't sleep too well and I had to wake up at 7.45. This then led to me staying in bed dozing til 8.15 then running around manically trying to get ready on time.

The reason? More injections. I was daft enough to actually agree to an appointment at 8.40. WHY do I do that to myself? Or more importantly the people around me??

I got out of bed, remembered I had no bread or milk, so had to use 2 slices of Lucy's.

I then had to go and wake Lucy up and ask very nicely if she could PLEASE go and move her car in 15 minutes. She did eventually agree.

My toast was almost instantly cold, that's how cold our house is.

My hair was impossible to brush, so I simply stopped trying. I didn't care!

I wrapped up (not thinking to put my gloves on - I'll be in the car!) and went out.

My car did not want to start. As in I genuinely thought it wouldn't. I was sat there, opposite Lucy's car, with her car starting perfectly first time, glaring at me because I made her get out of bed, begging my car to start. I nearly cried. Luckily my car did finally do as it asked.

I then got stuck in traffic. I was driving like...5 minutes away, and it took ages because of the school run! ARGH! I was already late at this point! And my fingers had gone bright red they were so cold. So, trundling along, whimpering, I had to try and get my gloves out of my pockets and put them on, before the pain made me cry. (I was starting to think at this point it could just be one of them days).

I finally got there, and after all my panic...they weren't running on time anyway. I got called in...and only needed one injection! I've had my first HepB one, I need to remember to call up in a month's time for my next one and Yellow Fever, then about 10 days before I go I have to have my Meningitis ACWY. The last nurse didn't mention that one, but everyone else is having it, so I asked this one. "Oh well that's only if you're having a lot of contact with the locals" "...we'll be in the orphanage...." (de ja vu, I DID tell the other nurse that. REPEATEDLY). "Oh well then! Yes I'd definitely recommend that one".

I finally left, tried to pull out of the road at the end (turning right) and there was no way I could. I ended up reversing back a bit, turning left, driving down the road a fair bit til I came to a roundabout, going all the way around it and coming back. That was quicker than waiting for a space.

I then decided to go to the supermarket (since we had no bread or milk!). I managed to walk straight past the milk, and had to go back. And then walked past the bread. So had to go back.

I finally got home, got a load of hassle off Lucy because she couldn't get back to sleep and so I should stay awake with her, and not go back to bed, which I'd been dreaming of doing since I got up. I eventually lost my temper, snapped at her and stormed off into my room. There is a REASON I'm going back to bed, people! It's for your own safety!! If I stay up I'd just end up killing them all, even though I'm not especially tired right now, I know I'll get to about lunchtime (when we're going out to the gym) and just die. And then kill them all because I'm tired and therefore every little thing is irritating.

So, for the safety of my housemates, I'm off back to bed! I'll update later and let you know if the rest of my day is an improvement on the first 2 hours!



Janet said...

I'm not sure I dare comment, so I'll just send you big hugs BIG HUGS ((((((((()))))))))
Lots of love

Charli said...

LOL I did calm down and stop feeling sorry for myself eventually :P But BIG HUGS back :)

Sleep and then endorphins from the gym cheered me up!


Alix said...

you scare me woman

Charli said...

LOL why this time?

Alix said...

because you sounds like you were on a bit of a rampage?

Charli said...

I was a little bit lol