Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Saga of the Missing Tutor!

Today I had an exam at 2pm, then a meeting with my personal tutor at 3pm to pick up my Semester 1 exam results.

The exam started at about 2.30 and we were told it was 45 minutes long and so we couldn't leave when we were done. Ah.

I (and everyone else!) was finished after about 15 minutes. They gave in and let us go. I headed over to the building where all the Psychology people "live", I sat in the waiting room until it was 3 o'clock then went and found his office, and the other tutees sat outside.

After 45 minutes I was STILL sat outside, as were 15 other people by this point. It was starting to be clear he wasn't turning up! Someone had already been down to reception - no one had seen him yet today.

We all went down to reception and the poor receptionist started making phonecalls to try and track him down! By the second phone call there was no "Hello" just "Where's [tutor]? I have 15 of his tutees stood in front of me." (We were meeting in groups of 5, but he'd missed 3 lots of appointments).

She was very sorry but she had no idea where he was.

We then marched on the Psychology building demanding our results. On an Open Day.

Someone quickly ran back up the hill to the other building to pick up all of our results off his desk and then met us individually to get them. It was now 4pm, I had Little Sis waiting for me back at my house, and we were meant to be watching a fencing match that had started an hour ago! Also, halfway through my meeting, the tutor himself rang up! The conversation I could hear went along the lines of "Yes. Hello, I know, in fact I'm meeting with your tutees right now. The ones that turned up. They're pretty angry. I'm going now." *giggles* Someones in troooouuuuble :P

BUT my results were good :)

I was expecting to have failed Psychobio (which was incidentally taught by the missing tutor!!) but I got a C in my final exam (they "moderated" the questions and scaled the grades up or something LOL), which got me a D+ overall for that module (I got a D on my mid-term). In Memory, Perception and Attention I got a B- on my final exam, and so a B overall (A- on the midterm). In Developmental I got a B, which was the same as my mid-term, so that was a B overall.

The best result though, was Research Methods, for the third semester running! I was absolutely bowled over! I got an A- overall, I'm terrible at stats, or so I thought!! Plus that module carries the greatest weighting (it's a 30 credit module, the others are 10 each).

Which means I have a solid 2.1 and if I put in the hours (i.e. actuall do some work) then it shouldn't be difficult at all to get a First :D Watch out Dad, sports car here I come!!

This is only 12.5% of my overall degree like, but given that one module I genuinely didn't understand, I think I'm off to a spectucular start :)

I shall update some more soon, Alix, I'm about to take Little Sis over to fencing. This should be interesting :P Sorry my blogging has been lacking, hope this is enough reading material to procrastinate with for the time being :P



Alix said...

you are off the hook temporarily. God woman, why dont you realise i have no better way to spend my time than stalking you! :p

Charli said...

LOL sorry, I'll try and be more interesting for your stalking needs in future :P

Janet said...

Your other stalker here! Glad to see you back in the land of the blogging!!
Lots of love