Friday, 20 February 2009

Little Sister's Visit

Last weekend my little sister was at a skiing camp, then when my parents picked her up they brought her on over to meeee!

She got here Tuesday and we all went out for dinner, since my Mum, Dad and Bro were staying overnight before heading on home the next morning.

We didn't do much of interest, the main reason was to take her to fencing and let her have a go.

She doesn't like foil (the one I do) because it's "wussy", she was told by the club captain she wasn't allowed to do sabre, so epee (pronounced ep-ay) it was! We watched a match earlier in the day, we missed the foil and sabre, much to my disappointment, but it gave me the chance to explain epee to her.

I took her over to the training session and she looked fairly terrified but everyone was very friendly. She was set up with some kit and handed over to one of the fencers who gave her a 5 minute lesson, but he admitted he wasn't sure what to teach and usually coached foil.

Much to her horror she was then told she would be put into the pool of epee and fencing! I honestly thought she was going to cry, I felt bad for her but bullied her into it anyway :P

Me and the fencers debated for a while who to put her against, and decided on Old Jon.

I told her to try and remember what she'd been taught but if all else failed just flail around a bit and try and hit him! They seemed to have a lot of fun. It degenerated into Errol Flyn style flailing, on his part largely! He had a whale of a time and had her laughing within minutes. She won 10-4 I think, and then he gave her some pointers (pun not intended :P) at the end.

She then went against another fencer and lost this time, but still did pretty well. I did keep making the terrible sin of coaching on piste, but I think they forgave me :P She kept being defeated by the fact she didn't know to disengage (he's catch her sword, hold it out of the way and then hit her), so I told her how to disengage (go under the sword). On the next go she remembered to try that and got the point :) I was very proud. I tend to forget what was suggested to me by the time I'm fencing!

I don't think she thinks fencing is her kind of thing though, she whinged about the "costume", that she "looks like a bug" and generally "looks ridiculous". Plus she didn't win and wasn't instantly incredible at it! Never mind, I get the impression that if she stopped whinging, took it seriously and worked at it she'd probably be better than me :p

Other than that, she went to a Social Psychology lecture (but I didn't, I sent her with my 2 housemates because I was ill), we played cards, played on Abba Singstar on the PS2 and other such fun things as that! I'm a bit worried it was boring for her, but we do very little and it completely threw everything off that I was poorly yesterday!

I hope she had a good time though :) I was lovely to have her!

Little Bro is upset and wants to come and stay now though! So I've told him when he's a bit bigger he can come and stay for a WHOLE WEEK. Which cheered him up a bit! Don't think he understood I wouldn't be in that house...or in that University Town in a couple of years, but I'll deal with that another time!!
(OMG isn't that just the cutest picture ever!? lol)


Alix said...
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Anonymous said...

Alix you did it again :p I don't know why little bro would want to, maybe cos I'm awesome? Lol


Fraulein said...

lmao xD I look like a bug! That's A! Seriously, hahaha, makes me laugh that girl :D

Janet said...

Glad you both had a good time :-) And even more glad you made it through the visit without killing each other!!!
Lots of love