Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Trying to keep updated!

I'm a bit hopeless at this aren't I? It's now been 10 days since I updated this thing, but it's an improvement on last time I guess!

I had my final exam, and oh God...it was an epic fail to end all epic fails...But I figure it's worth 50% of a 10 credit module (10 credits out of 120), so even though I blatantly failed, it's not the end of the world. Though I'm pretty sure I won't get an "F", when they return my grade it'll be "Why did you even bother?!" I could have spent the night watching films instead of revising and it wouldn't have affected it in any way :p But I've got over the hysteria and am fairly upbeat again now!! I just hate failing. I know I have previously failed exams (like Philosophy *shudders*) but they just gave a number, not a grade, so I could pretend it was still a pass :p

My mentor training was much less disasterous and quite good fun :) I have my first mentoring session on Friday (Eek! Need to get that sorted! Oops!!!) and I'm pretty excited about it, though a bit nervous! It's basically convincing a bunch of year 7's that they want to go to university!! Something to do with the fact children from working class backgrounds are less likely to go to uni, so we need to find out why and try and counter that. Brain wash them young :p

I had my first of my injections for travelling to Ethiopia the other day. I went to the doctors to ask what they recommend I have, and the nurse was like "well, since you're here, do you want to have one now? *stab*" My arm has just about stopped hurting!! I have to book myself in for my next few soon, think I'm having HepB and Yellow Fever. The nurse didn't mention Meningitis ACWY (or something) which everyone else is having, so I have to ask about that one. I don't know if it's one I'm still covered for from childhood injections or something?

I'm driving back over to uni tomorrow, quite worried! I'm doing the same as last time, stopped over night at Grandma's and going the rest of the way on Thursday. Still not quite up to the whole journey all at once!

That means that today is going to be spent packing up the rest of my stuff and cleaning my car. You know what that means? YUP! It's mouldy! AGAIN! Woo...hoo...!!

I'm having to pack up pretty much everything this time around since Little Bro is moving into my room as soon as it's decorated. I'm finally actually being kicked out! lol! My room should look awesome when it's done though :p (And yes, to me it will ALWAYS be "my" room, even when I have a house of my own :p)

That's another thing, I'm moving next year. Me and my housemates have found a different, more convinient house, with actual insulation (no more £450 gas and electric bills...we hope!). I'm sad to move, I've grown to love our little cottage, but I was outvoted.

I should be starting fencing back up again soon, since my car will be back with me at uni :)

My lectures started this week, but it's Little Bro's birthday mid-week and I wanted to be here, then figured I could drive on back since I'd have missed most of them anyway!

Oh yes - This is a shout out to Little Sis :

Feel better soon Poxy :p
Little Sis has gone and got herself chicken pox! She's getting better now, but she's been utterly miserable with it! At almost 15 it's been awful!!
I'm not sure what else has been going on so I'll leave it here, and hopefully I'll remember to update this more often!


Alix said...

omg a blog post! All sounds very exciting...but not as exciting as the fact hippys are living in the cambridge lawfac. Hope your car gets less mouldy, sister less poxy and exam results less...examy?? soon.


Charli said...

LOL I'm so intruiged about this, WHY are hippies living in the lawsoc building? Does your blog tell me? :p

My car is now less mouldy...but won't stay so for long! And poxy is getting better which is good :) Exams...well I'm starting new subjects lol

Anonymous said...

So where are you moving to for the next academic year then?

Unc P