Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Deliciously Relaxed

I haven't blogged in a while, and I can't even remember what I've missed out so I won't bother trying to fill you in!

Today didn't start so well, I overslept and then had an irritating assignment to read, as well as not being able to get to my car so I had to either walk into town or get a taxi. I chose the taxi option as everything took that bit too long.

But WOW it was lovely outside. It's been sunny for 3 days now (you all know where I live, it's a miracle :p), in the past 2 days I've been to the beach 3 times LOL Today though I was going to be productive.

I went out in a dress and jeans, a black jacket and my coat. I carried my coat the whole time and had my sleeves rolled up on my jacket! Craziness! It was just so still and lovely, Spring is on it's way at last! This is further proven by all the gorgeous teeny lambs frolicking in the fields, so cute :)

I handed my assignment in then headed on into town. Things to do : Buy my Bristolian Friend her birthday present (Heroes - Season 1), a card, post mum's Mother's Day present and card, go to a charity shop and get an application form to work there.

Firstly I went and posted the stuff for Mum - don't open it before Mother's Day! Then I went to HMV, they didn't have Heroes, they'd have to order it in, it'd take 7-10 days. Oh. I then walked down to the charity shop. Before I got there though I got sucked into a shop, it drew me in, I swear!

In there I bought 2 bikinis (I spent the WHOLE of last summer searching in hundreds of shops and THREE different countries for the style I like, so I saw some today and grabbed them!!), 2 strappy tops and 1 cropped, short-sleeved jacket. I then didn't have time to keep walking to the charity shop so I headed back to meet my housemates. On my way I went into a shoe shop, my dolly shoes are falling apart. I bought two pairs (the ones I had already again and the same in white - what? They're nice shoes :P) - Summer HERE I COME! I just need a cheap pair of trainers now and maybe some sandals I like and I'm sorted on shoes :)

I did manage to get my friend's birthday card bought as well.

I then met up with them and we were going to have a BBQ but decided to go and have dinner out instead, a lovely long, relaxed meal :) I didn't like the dinner very much, but my starter and pudding was heavenly :P Great deal too.

We then went home, where we asked our male housemate to make us a fire in the BBQ, we went to get marshmallows and ended up with an easter egg each too (THANK YOU Bristolian Friend!). We then spend the next few hours laid on picnic blankets chatting, toasting marshmallows and watching the stars :)

So now I'm deliciously relaxed. I'd forgotten how lovely it was to wrap up in a blanket and watch the stars with a fire crackling, the smell of woodsmoke and general outside-ness. I want to go camping now!

So that was my lovely day :) Spring is here and I'm loving it :)


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